ASA Air Cargo

At The ASA Group, we help to alleviate the workload of any air cargo operator or carrier, simply send one request with all cargo needs and we will assist,

  • Negotiation of cargo handling including specialized outsized, DG cargo cabin and compartment handling, and related applications.

  • Acquisition of traffic landing and over-flight permits throughout the region

  • Securing airport slots, and parking throughout the region

  • Negotiation of competitive hotel bookings for aircrew

The ASA Group Air Cargo operator support and services division offers carriers the following areas of flight support throughout S.E. Asia and the Pacific.

  • Airport transfer of crew to/from airport under supervision

  • Ground services supervision during on/offload, flight watch

  • 24/7 liaison with handling agents, cargo transfer supervision

  • Aircraft security (AvSec)

  • Negotiation of charter requests, and liaison

  • Arranging handling of band/tour deployment & airport clearances

  • Security services for high valuable and/or vulnerable cargo

  • The ASA Group follows all recommended COVID-19 Aviation Health & Safety protocols